http://url.com Welcome to my site, my name is Phoebe Seawell.

key2 I am a London-born Artist who has been practising Make-up Artistry (as both a hobby and a profession) for 5+ years.

key My personal aesthetic is colourful and glittery, and I am very fond of Editorial styles of Make-up.

key2 I am also highly interested in the Art of Prosthetics, and also love the process of Character Design.

source site I am also an image and video editor; examples of my work can be viewed online (link can be sent on request.)

I am both London and Bristol-based, and am happy to travel for work.

Feel free to peruse my online portfolio, or contact me for collaborative purposes.


key2 Instagram: @phoebeseawell

key2 Twitter: @PhoebeSeawell

key2 Email: phoebeseawell@gmail.com


Phoebe Seawell